NWC Martial Arts Academy

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 We provide instruction in:

Kung Fu
Tai Chi Chuan
Chi Kung
and Weapon Training

We use proven practices  to increase:

Fitness, health, strength, flexibility and balance.
Balance of body, mind and spirit.
Self-awareness and Self-Confidence

and learn effective:
Meditations and Chi Kung exercises
Self-defense techniques

We want to help you achieve the results you want!

Happy New Year!
NOW time to register for Winter II classes which begin the first week of March!

No class at Guardian 2/15 due to inclement weather!

We follow these virtues: Patience, Honesty, Humility, Sincerity, Loyalty and strive for Harmony and Balance.

Ancient Wisdom for Modern Times!
Grandmaster Clinic 2013

Year of the Horse
from Frederik Meijer Gardens
Statue is 24' high

The Basic Idea of Kung Fu
Our Philosophy

The Basic Idea of Kung Fu is to help realize all that is good in mankind, and to acknowledge that there is no limit to a person's capabilities.

Excellence is within the reach of all and the only difference between you and the Master is the Master made the effort.

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